Purple Heart & BLUE



Michael Fremer - Stereophile Magazine

"Overall, the Kiseki Purpleheart N.S. is a physical and sonic beauty…In today’s world of crazy-priced cartridges, it offers a sophisticated sound well beyond what you’d expect at its $3,299 price."


Ken Kessler - Hi-Fi News

"Where the Blue N.S. shines is in the warm-and-cuddly midband. The blatantly nasal vocal delivery retained its wonderfully sleazy quality, especially with the now-questionable ‘Li’l Red Riding Hood’, whichjoins ‘Aqualung’, ‘Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl’ and ‘Sweet Little 16’ as post- #MeToo no-nos."


Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio Magazine

". . . there is no particular style of music that the Kisekis can’t play with aplomb."


Robert Levi - Positive Feedback Online

"There is no other cartridge in its price range that can shine its stylus or bring such truthfulness to the reproduction of LPs. I am gob smacked by how it reproduces music like the real performance. It gives you a big taste of reel-to-reel tape sound, without having to buy a RTR machine. Its utter lack of identifiable colorations put it in a league of its own."


Tom Lyle - Enjoy The Music .com

"The Kiseki Purple Heart Moving Coil phono cartridge as reviewed here is the best six thousand dollar phono cartridge I've ever heard. But the Kesiki Purple Heart doesn't cost six thousand dollars, it costs $3299."